Should We Go Into Our Churches Or Is Church Like God A Please In Our Hearts and Soul?


This week we attempt to speak to some of the questions we’ve gotten from people that we feel warrant a response. First, we want to exalt all who know the work of prayer call on the God of our salvation for deliverance, forgiveness of sin, and the healing of the land. He said, “If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive the sin and heal their land.” To all who might want to take the position that no one knows if what is going on is the result of sin, we say look around you and try to determine if what you see appears to be a blessing. Rather than have that discussion, we believe the time would be better spent sharing with those who can receive it, something they may have missed while reading and quoting scripture 2Chronicles 7;14.

The Spirit wants us to know, just as scripture calls on specific people to pray, He as well promises the healing to their land and not all of the world. In this age we are living in it has become common practice for humanity to declare everyone who is being called on to pray are GOD’S people. But we can see by what is happening right now that is a falsehood of epic proportions. We live in a nation that has applauded itself for a value system that calls for the separation of CHURCH and STATE. For those of the opinion that we are subject to the law of the land, that lets us know you have not studied to show yourself approved unto God. We simultaneously inhabit two kingdoms, one which designates man some authority, but the other requires us to submit totally to the will of GOD.

As we see it, what happens is some Christian conservatives who had vaulted themselves into power in this country, find themselves powerless. What do they do when they find themselves in crisis? They do the one thing that Christians are encouraged not to do; they faint. We call it fainting, because of all the things some conservatives are trying to do to shut down the church is getting an excessive amount of attention. In fact, while writing this article we heard of a pastor being arrested for having church. As well, we are being inundated with calls for the church not to have service because the government has asked people to practice social distancing. It is troubling for us that the government feels emboldened to stride into formerly uncharted territory by attempting to forbid believers from assembling. Does that somehow suggest that faith has, in some way, been replaced by fear? It is our belief in times of trouble we are to do as David did. He felt as though he was being closed in on by fear and uncertainty. To this, we ask, where is your faith, and what is the call going out?

Shall we look to GOD, or to the government for our deliverance? If the church is going to take an intellectual position of safety over faith, then who should we look to, to take a stand? Whatever happened to such scriptures as Matt. 18:18, “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven?” Whatever happened to the key being in the church? And please don’t be deceived into believing we are referring to the building you attend with the word church written on it. Know my dears, we instead are referring to the spiritual church, the BODY of CHRIST. Instead of recoiling into the safety and security of our own homes, we must lift up a standard. We must declare we are built upon the ROCK, which is the truth about JESUS the CHRIST being the LIVING SON of GOD. Who came into the world that we might have life, and have it more abundantly?

My recommendation for you is for you to hold on to your faith and believe that the GOD we serve is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ask or think to ask. He has all the power. It troubles us to see church folk become so fearful that they cede the authority to the government to tell believers when and how to worship. Doesn’t the church remember that is what happened in the book of Daniel when they were told not to pray to GOD, but were told instead to do idle worship instructed by the king? Their faith allowed them to forsake the king’s command, and instead put their trust in GOD that the next king would make a decree that everyone in the kingdom would worship because He is the LIVING GOD, Daniel the 3rd and 6th chapters. What is happening now, may seem strange and scary, but for as long as man has chosen to love the world more than GOD, there have been these, and other types of occurrences to show man that unlike what he has been told by the world and false teachers, man is not in charge of his own destiny. But instead, our forefathers were told they had two choices; life and good, or death and evil.

To all who choose life, there is no need to become fearful every time the unexplainable occurs, because the author and finisher of our faith is faithful and true. FOOD FOR THOUGHT; since this nation purports to be founded on the principle of separation of church and state, it is almost mind-boggling that one of the most conservative states, Florida, would be so quick to arrest a pastor for having church. One can only wonder as this crisis continues, what might be the next intrusion there may be in the faith community. There appears to be a deafening silence from all evangelicals who are so bold on some subjects. It seems as if now, they are willing to allow the government to speak in their stead. Where are those who are supposed to be crying aloud and sparing not? To all who call themselves spiritual leaders, the time is now for you to speak truth to imaginary power. It is amazing that during this crisis the leadership has had practically everyone stand behind him, except the FAITH COMMUNITY.

We call on all who believe, to pray, and give GOD the praises due to His name. There is only one who benefits from the churches closing, and it isn’t GOD. Hold on to your faith, this too will pass. Where will you be standing when it does? In closing, we shall only say GOD IS ABLE, AND HE WILL DELIVER US. LET US REPENT, AND CALL ON THE NAME OF OUR GOD.



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