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Kendrea Moore is a registered nurse in Florence, SC. A recent (2019) Family Nurse Practitioner graduate from South University, she is the founder of One Moore Step, a non-profit organization started in December 2018.

Kendrea had the idea for One Moore Step after going to Long Beach, California for three months on a travel nurse assignment. During this time, she became familiar with a new and healthy lifestyle. As a child, she was raised on good “southern meals” after school and at family events, but in California, those meals were no longer available unless she cooked them herself. So she learned how to eat “cleaner,” “healthier” and “wiser,” and it was then, looking back at her family history, that she realized that her childhood eating was unhealthy. Her family had a history of hypertension, heart surgery, diabetes, and kidney disease.

When she returned home to South Carolina, Kendrea kept her new lifestyle, exercising regularly and eating well. She did this for eight months and eventually became a vegetarian.

As her lifestyle became routine, Kendrea realized that an important piece of the health puzzle in her community was a lack of health education for those who are hard to reach. Kendrea feels that, although there are plenty of brochures, newspapers, health journals and articles focusing on health issues such as diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease, the problem is not availability but how to channel the information to those who either take their health for granted or have trouble navigating the healthcare system, such as minorities. In fact, many people are unaware of the routine lab tests they should have for their annual checkup.

As an experienced nephrology nurse, Kendrea has known many patients with kidney disease who would be in better health if they had taken their health more seriously. Just as people have been taught to eat healthy food, Kendrea believes that a positive rapport between patients and healthcare professionals can go a long way to establishing healthy lifestyles.

This year, having hosted several health fairs and seminars at churches and gyms, One Moore Step will host the 2019 Women’s Empowerment Network Expo where the focus will be on women’s mental health.

One Moore Step is excited about being part of the SC village-voices. Because we all respond best to information that is relatable, it is essential to build a rapport with our healthcare providers and affiliates to help monitor our health. So, tune in and let us help guide and encourage you with this newsletter to a healthier, happier lifestyle—One Moore Step at a time.

Phone: 803-674-3498.


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