HUD Secretary Ben Carson Cares for Blacks- NOT!!!!


Secretary Carson Cares about Black People, or at least that is what he wants you to think with his media event posing as a policy roundtable. HUD was scheduled to be at Joseph Floyd Manor this past Monday and Tuesday to complete an expanded Inspection, but canceled citing COVID-19 safety protocols established by HUD Agency. In an ironic twist of fate, revealing the ultimate hypocrisy of the Trump Administration, its Director Ben Carson shows up in violation of its own said policy. He has the gall to come here and stage a media event to show he cares for Black people. Typical Trump, talk but no substance.

If he truly cared, he would have had his staff here with him addressing the issues at Joseph Floyd Manor where senior citizens and disabled residents live in unacceptable conditions. If he cared, he would have scheduled a visit at the facility. If he cared, he would at least acknowledge the plight of the people at JFM.

If he cared, he would make sure Opportunity Zones don’t become tools for developers to gentrify communities. He would make sure that Affordable housing, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are mandated in the Opportunity Zones. This is how we make sure these tax instruments become what they were meant for and not another giveaway for the rich or corporate welfare at the expense of the low- income communities.

“We want to see HUD Secretary Ben Carson show care and compassion through action, not words. We want to see Ben Carson address Joseph Floyd Manor with an immediate inspection and funding. We want Ben Carson to show he cares by recommending a mandate for Affordable Housing, and one for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Until then, he can save the rhetoric and the hypocritical policy events following the Trump playbook to appeal to African- American voters. We are not going to be fooled.”- Rep. Wendell Gilliard


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