Hello Again: The Power of God’s Love To Heal


“Hello Again is a group for mothers and/or parents that have lost children through accident, illness, miscarriage, or abortion and adoption. No matter how the lost, it’s still a loss, and grief is the inevitable. If this is you or someone you love, then “Hello Again” is for you!

The group was established for those who share this very special bond! It is their hope that you have found this Grief Support Group in your time of need.  This organization was ordained by God, in hope that you find this group either for yourself or someone that you love!

Recently, some of the South Carolina members of “Hello Again” traveled to Houston, Texas along with the founder, LaDominique McNeal McFarland, to participate in a national conference.  LaDominique McNeal McFarland, founded this organization to give her family strength after losing their two sons in July of 2016 at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The first conference was held in January 2017 and drew participation for families all over America and around the world.  The conference included speakers, video presentations, a web cast, vendors and music.

For the McFarland family,  it all started on July 6, 2016, when life forced Dominique McFarland to reintroduce herself to life. On a family vacation to the popular Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it was her eldest son’s birthday and the family set out to enjoy some quality time and fun in the sun. Standing on the shore, holding her youngest child in her arms, she watched her eldest three children stand waist deep in the water safely playing on a sand bar.

The waters were calm, the sunny sky was clear and the sand intricately changed formation with each step this proud mother took on the surface of the coastline. Symbolically, water has been known to be a source of life, a cleansing healing flow of power, but the depth and vastness of this formless entity also creates fear. The thing about water is that it takes form and shapes itself into whatever it is placed in, kind of like how we often fit into various roles and places in our own lives. But what happens when what we have shaped our lives into or what we have formed our being to accept, no longer exists?

In the blink of an eye, she witnessed her children being pulled under the water and all they could do was call on Jesus. A rip current pulled the sand bar from under them leaving the three stranded, screaming for help with no life- guards near, and a helpless mother in shock still holding on to her youngest. The indescribable nightmare was real; the current was too strong and kept pulling them further. After moments of shock, her daughter and eldest son were brought to safety but her youngest son still to this day remains unfound. Her eldest son succumbed to injuries days later leaving a family, a city, and anyone who has heard of the tragedy in shock.

One cannot imagine what it is like to have something that is formless take away something that shaped every part of your world. Even though the pain is still there, it is not in vain. In memory of her sons, Dominique has started the support group  “Hello Again.”

“The visionary and founder of Hello Again… (Hello Again 2), I’ve witnessed some strong women in my life (my mother being #1) and this woman right here is another. She took her pain of losing both her boys and turned it into ministry by starting a non-profit organization. She is the core reason behind our Texas experience. D McNeal McFarland I look forward to traveling many more places around the world with you and our sisters to impact, encourage, uplift, pray with and minister to many more women in need,” stated Sharonda Jones.

Throughout the year “Hello Again” supports its members and families in need. Over the last two years “Hello Again” has sponsored conferences, dinner sales, bake sales, clothing give-a-ways and other events to assist families in the region.

On Feb. 24 2018 “Hello Again” will present an evening with its stars (the children) at 6:00 P.M. The Gala will be held at the SIMT Building at 1951 Pisah Road in Florence, South Carolina on the campus of Florence-Darlington Tech.  Tickets for the Gala are $30.00 a couple, $15.00 for single tickets, and $7.00 for children, (Children under 5 get in free.  The Gala will include soul food, jazz music, on site photos, and give-a-ways.


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