Florence City Council Candidate Calls for Immediate COVID-19 Response by City of Florence


FLORENCE , S.C. – Florence City Council Candidate, Chaquez McCall seeks for immediate and aggressive response from the city in order to protect working families and small businesses from the incoming economic impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Due to the failure of a timely national response from the federal government, it seems almost paramount that the Florence City Council act immediately to help our local economy weather the storm of the inevitable ripple effects the Coronavirus will cause upon the local small businesses here in Florence.” Says McCall.

To combat the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, Gov. Henry McMaster recently issued an executive order that temporarily closed k-12 schools, made all public and technical colleges switch to online instruction. In that executive order, restaurants and bars were also asked to close dining areas to the public. The widespread closures and advocacy for “social distancing” will only force consumers to stay home, and in return could potentially cripple local small businesses in the interim.

Attorney Chaquez McCall is calling on City Council to become proactive about the situation and not reactive of the inevitable. He calls for the City to enact an economic stimulus package that addresses the following: I) laxed enforcements of water utility bills and the waiver of late fees; II) partner with the County Council to offer a 2% tax credit for landlords who defer rent payments for three months to low-income residents or those directly impacted by economic effects of the Coronavirus; III) defer the city’s hospitality fee on the sale of prepared meals and beverages until further notice and waive any late fees; IV) deferthe payment of businesses licenses fees and waive late fees; IV) create a monetary fund that provide small businesses with less than 50 employees, with a zero percent interest forgivable loan program; V) create a monetary fund that helps critical non-profits that help with senior citizens or help people pay their rent; VI) create a monetary fund that supports our first responders for their work during these times.

“The City of Florence has flourished over the last ten years. Countless of businesses believed in the vision of this City and probably for the first time, they are going through a period of economic uncertainty. It’s time for the City to continue it’s mission and show working families and our small business community that we have their back.”

Chaquez T. McCall is a 26-year-old local attorney and Owner and Founder of McCall Law in Florence, S.C. McCall announced his candidacy for an at-large seat on the Florence City Council on Dec. 14. Including him, there are five people, four Democrats and one Republican, running for two at-large seats.

Those running as Democrats are current Councilman Glynn F. Willis, Lethonia Barnes, Joseph Fleming, McCall, and OsbbieScipio.


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